UNSW Canberra Cyber welcomes Professor Monica Whitty


UNSW Canberra Cyber is delighted to welcome Professor Monica Whitty as the Director of Research and Chair in Human Factors in Cyber Security.

Professor Whitty is a cyberpsychologist who originates from Australia and has worked in top institutions in the UK and Australia. 

For more than 20 years she has developed theories and conducted empirical research that has provided insights into how people behave, form relationships, construct identities, communicate and deceive others in digital spaces and how this compares with the physical realm. 

In particular, she has researched the typology of people who are taken in by a cyberscam and the criminals’ strategies employed to con victims – with a focus on romance, identity, investment, and employment scams.

Professor Whitty has researched ‘insider threat’ by examining the typology of the insiders, the pathways and trigger points, the enabling organisational structures, and the human and digital indicators that show an attack has taken place.

She has also investigated digital deception – developing and testing theories that predict in which spaces individuals are more likely to deceive – including the spread of misinformation/disinformation.  

Working with an impressive interdisciplinary team, Professor Whitty is excited about developing much needed multi-disciplinary research projects in cybersecurity – considering both the technical and human aspects.

The University has much to offer in this realm, not currently addressed by other institutions in Australia. Professor Whitty welcomes government and industry to work with her team, to improve cybersecurity for individuals, organisations, and the country.