Our People

Centre Management Team

Name Position Phone Email Location
Tarsha Dickenson Teaching Support Officer +61 2 626 86280 t.dickenson@adfa.edu.au
Ms Dianne Ferguson Centre Manager, UNSW Canberra Cyber M: +61 410 402 757 d.ferguson@adfa.edu.au UNSW Canberra
Ms Penny Grove Teaching Support +61 2 626 88509 p.grove@unsw.edu.au UNSW Canberra
Mr Rory Macleod Cyber Range Manager P: +61 2 626 88252 M: +61 412 960 916 r.macleod@adfa.edu.au UNSW Canberra
Mr Matthew Peyton Senior Technical Officer (acting) m.peyton@adfa.edu.au
Mr Nigel Phair Director, UNSW Canberra Cyber +61 2 626 88501 n.phair@adfa.edu.au UNSW Canberra

UNSW Canberra Cyber / SEIT Academic Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Professor Greg Austin Professor of Cyber Security, Strategy and Diplomacy +61 2 626 88897 g.austin@unsw.edu.au
Ms Alison Creagh Industry Professional
Associate Professor Frank den Hartog Associate Professor +61 2 626 88816 frank.den.hartog@unsw.edu.au
Dr Jai Galliott Senior Lecturer & Research Leader +61 424 043 247 j.galliott@unsw.edu.au
Mr Adam Henry Adjunct Lecturer adam.henry@adfa.edu.au
Dr Michael McGarity Industry Professional m.mcgarity@adfa.edu.au
Dr Nour Moustafa Research Associate (Postdoctoral Fellow) M: +61 416 817 811 nour.moustafa@adfa.edu.au
Lieutenant Colonel David Ormrod Adjunct Associate Lecturer d.ormrod@adfa.edu.au
Dr Elena Sitnikova PG Cyber Program Coordinator +61 2 626 88673 e.sitnikova@adfa.edu.au
Dr Benjamin Turnbull Senior Lecturer, Cyber Security +61 2 626 88736 b.turnbull@adfa.edu.au

UNSW Canberra Cyber / SEIT Contractors

Name Position Phone Email Location
Mr Matthew Byrne Industry Professional matthew.byrne@adfa.edu.au
Dr Silvio Cesare Industry Professional silvio.cesare@gmail.com
Edward Farrell Industry Professional e.farrell@adfa.edu.au
Mr Cameron Ford Industry Professional cameron.ford@adfa.edu.au
Mr Cecil Goldstein Industry Professional c.goldstein@adfa.edu.au
Doug Hill Industry Professional cyber@adfa.edu.au
Ms Kylie McDevitt Industry Professional k.mcdevitt@adfa.edu.au
Andrew Muller Industry Professional a.muller@adfa.edu.au
Cameron Sands Industry Professional c.sands@adfa.edu.au
Roger Smith Industry Professional roger.smith1@adfa.edu.au
Ben Whitham Industry Professional cyber@adfa.edu.au

UNSW Canberra Cyber / SEIT Post Grad Students

Name Position Phone Email Location
Muna Al-Hawawreh Post Graduate Student m.al-hawawreh@student.adfa.edu.au
Gitanjali Baral Post Graduate Student g.baral@student.adfa.edu.au
Nickolaos Koroniotis Post Graduate Student n.koroniotis@student.adfa.edu.au
Jeremy Mikus Post Graduate Student j.mikus@student.adfa.edu.au
Craig Morrison Post Graduate Student craig.morrison@student.adfa.edu.au
Peter Newman Post Graduate Student peter.newman@student.unsw.edu.au
Karine Pontbriand Post Graduate Student k.pontbriand@student.adfa.edu.au UNSW Canberra
Meng Zhu Post Graduate Student meng.zhu@student.adfa.edu.au