Research themes

Complex Systems Security

Theme research areas:

  • Software-intensive system security and vulnerability discovery.
  • Novel approaches to finding and quantifying the effect of cyber-attacks.
  • Risk identification, privacy preservation, and intrusion detection in IoT and SCADA.
  • Modelling and simulation of attacks and systems processes for business.
  • Network security – IoT, Industrial control systems and social media networks.
  • Critical Infrastructure protection.

Cyber Deception Research Lab

The UNSW Canberra Cyber Deception Research Lab is a multidisciplinary research group investigating the construction, use and impact of deception. Themes include Machine Learning to create and detect deceptions, metrics and measurements of effectiveness, and perception and cognitive aspects. 

Launched in early 2020 with support from the Cyber Security CRC and Penten, our current focus is deceptive content creation.  We have a number of projects that learn models of real world elements of the IT stack and generate realistic fakes, including documents, databases, audio and network traffic.


Cyber War, Peace & Policy

Theme research areas:

  • Military, diplomatic and national security policy for cyber space.
  • Information warfare.
  • Military cyber strategies and complex cyber emergencies.
  • Human capital for security in cyberspace.
  • Cyber dependency and resilience of critical infrastructure.
  • Assessing Mission Critical Aspects of Cyber Attack and Defence.

Intelligent Security

Theme research areas:

  • Development of cyber threat intelligence and detection models including intrusion detection,
    privacy-preserving, digital forensics, using statistics, machine and deep learning algorithms,
    and multi-agent systems.
  • Design of new testbed architectures and datasets for Industry 4.0 networks including IoT, IIoT,
    cloud, fog systems and social networks.
  • Development of automated risk assessment and penetration testing methods using AI planning
    and deep learning algorithms.

Useable Security and Value Sensitive Design


Theme research areas:

  • Development of cyber threat intelligence models such as intrusion detection, privacy-preserving and digital forensics.
  • Topic detection and machine learning.
  • Development of automated penetration testing methods based on AI planning.
  • Knowledge graph development through data collection.
  • Marketing, risk management, fake news detection and technology forecasting applications.